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Global Supplier

Global supplier has with success used global sourcing to gain reduction of overall production costs for our customers.

We have the best suppliers who are able to deliver the right quality on time, with certificates and approval of international classification companies like DNV, ABS, GL, Loyds, BV and many others. We can supply both standard steel, forgings, stainless, bronze, brass and other red metals

Global Supplier was founded in the end of 2005 by Anders Nielsen.

Anders started the company on the basis of his strong sides, knowledge about production and engineering of hydraulic cylinders and knowledge about surviving as a small and medium sized company in a global market with very hard competition.


Fakta om Global Supplier

Global Supplier
Skagensvej 334A
9800 Hjørring
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Telefon: +45 98920656

Fax: +45 98900656

VAT nummer: DK29112886

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Anders Nielsen
Telefon: +45 98920656

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